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KISS October 14, 2008

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Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple Stupid

Growing up my parents instilled a very esoteric value set in me and my brother. I have always tried to keep my life as uncluttered as possible. A part of me really likes being that way, Enjoying simple things in life, makes life so much enjoyable. My first love is rain, I just love getting wet in the rain more than anything else.

My mom and dad always taught me about inner beauty, not to grab more than you need, mostly to live a good life. As, I’ve mentioned in my earlier posts, my parents have been very protective of me. But, It only takes a television to bombard your mind with a host of alien ideas. You’re taught about admiring inner beauty and Walla ! You see girls trying to look pretty. You’re told that food shelter and clothes are all you need buy anywhere you look you have people trying to market stuff to you perhaps you can easily live without.

Every passing year I feel my life a little more cluttered. I wonder if I want to dabble in main stream materialism ( I sometimes feel an urge to do something that might shock me out of my skin, like breaking the rules ) or maybe stick with living a very simple life. I’m sure a lot of us ask ourselves the same Question. I sometimes wonder what makes other people tick. You meet people who just like to drink Coke, they only go out with blondes, they would only ever drive a Honda. I’m perhaps just the opposite, maybe I just too afraid to make that choice. Does making those specific choices make life simpler to live?

I recently learnt about the 100 Things challenge and it’s almost impossible for me to reduce the stuff I already have, lol. But it has stopped me from taking on new unneeded stuff.

I think extending the idea to my daily life might be kind of nice, sometimes I feel my life is cluttered with so many unneeded things. Perhaps streamlining it will make it more livable.

I Know I’ve not been posting for a while, I just don’t have any creative inspiration these days, any Ideas from you guys would be greatly welcome.


10 Reasons to marry an Indian Man September 29, 2008

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I though this post was funny……

  • 10. They come in a family pack. You get a mother, a father, a few sisters-in-law, half dozen cousins, and countless relatives for free.
  • 9. They would never leave you. They get fat and lazy too fast and no woman will ever be interested in them.
  • 8. You will never get tired of hubby improvement projects. They come with countless imperfections and guaranteed to be really slow learners.
  • 7. Despite their crude exterior and rude attitude, they are docile at heart. They are well trained by their mother to follow orders from woman of the house. You are in control.
  • 6. They would be grateful all their lives; all other 37 girls they interviewed turned them down.
  • 5. They will be available all the time. They do not have any friends or social life or passion to keep them busy.
  • 4. You never have to worry about their past girlfriends: most likely they never had one, or in the rare case they had a girlfriend, she is too busy erasing the memory.
  • 3. You will earn the sympathy of everyone, even your worst enemy.
  • 2. They will stop harassing you once you marry them.

And number one reason for marrying an Indian man

  • 1. For the rest of your life whenever you say “I could have done better,” you will be right.

I found it here…. http://helloji.wordpress.com/2008/03/18/reasons-to-marry-an-indian-man/

Stuff that happend… over summer September 10, 2008

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I turned 23 a month ago. We’ll I’m still single and as impure in thought as one can be. I happen to run across this on a site….. Its from a 100% extra pure virgin,

” I’m 25 and never been kissed.

I’ts not that I dont want to…. I’ts just that no one else does ”

I happened to meet a pretty girl ‘S and shes fun to talk to and we have become friends. A few days on she told me she always liked Indian guys and thought I was cute and sexy. I was very enamored , people never compliment me for anything more than my eyes, lol. She is in between two guys right now, and she been asking me to have s** with her. I’ve said no, but my body says other wise. She been pulling on it again. I have been asking myself the question, am I person not worth having a serious relationship. I dont want to be that guy who was never good enough. My eyes so swollen, I feel so scared.

hmmm……., I had posted this post a few weeks ago, but took it off again. I was not too sure,If I wanted my stuff out in the open. I’m pretty open minded when it comes to s**, I think two people can go out and have a good time. I’m worried about not finding my happily ever after. Anyways, I’ve stopped talking to her, lol.

I’m a person who does not always fit the norm. I also used to wonder if I look ugly, hehe. Well, I have a date this Thursday with a girl who wants to know about India.

Help !!!! I suck at my mother tongue September 1, 2008

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Yes, I do. :(. I’ve decided to skip my more controversial post and put this mew one up.

Growing up as an army brat. I spent most years of my life all around. As a result I am reasonably good in English and Hindi. But ended, pretty bad at my mother tongue, Telugu. My mom and dad have tried they’re best to bestow a sense of cultural belongingness in me and have done a pretty good job. We spoke a lot of Tinglish at my place ( Telugu + English) and my language tends to slant the more respectful and puritan side. However, I cannot read and write, and I never picked up number’s, lol. On top of all this, my vocabulary is tiny compared to most native speakers. Add to that, my inability to grasp most slang. And I end up a bafoon, hehe.

Most people think ,I’m an alien who picked up they’re language. I run across so many people who try to keep correct my grammatic mistake’s. I’m like I cant help it dammit and they still keep at it uhhhh !, My worst fear is I’ll be married to an Andhra girl who will keep correcting me :P. Maybe , subconsciously It is the main reasons , I’m open to an Inter Cultural relationship. I will get to tread a new path of my own. 🙂

The Grey Hound August 17, 2008

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My apologies for a prolonged absence from word press. :). I’ve been working a little to earn some money and I took a brake from school. I took a bus further down south in Carolinas to visit a friend. The main purose of the trip was the greyhound experience. I wanted to contrast it with the rickety buses back home. Most people had scared me about thugs robbing you off or stealing your stuff. Even the bus station had video’s about some guy beheaded on an Canadian greyhound bus.

My way down was pretty nice. I was seated next to a tall black lady, who made every effort possible to make me comfortable by giving me more space. I was glad I’m not too tall. Following a transfer, I ended up sitting next to a pervy Mormon from Va. He asked me stuff about India and then went on about how I was missing out on the joy of life that he had with 3 wifes and 9 kids.

The evening I arrived, me and my friend went to a pub. Where I got to flirt a little with a drunk redhead, who I’m sure barely would have remembered me the next day. The next day , I saw confederate history, monuments , slavery , stuff. Then we went to the Zoo. The third day, he showed me around areas where crime was very high and police cars patrolled in dozens.

The bus back home left at mid night. I was tired as hell, but stayed awake for a transfer. I was left waiting 6 hours at the bus station. The most boring 6 hours of my summer. So many inquisitive eyes on me,hehe. Like I was some caged tiger released into the Americas as its new habitat.

The bus ride back was kinda rocky. State run buses in India are more uncomfortable, but for a couple of dollars , you get your moneys worth. Luxary buses are very comfortable for that extra buck. Greyhound
seems to be one for the masses.

The story of India July 14, 2008

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I found this intresting series on India….

6mile’s 6 quirk’s June 8, 2008

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1) I’m a feminist , I have no idea how I turned out that way, but I always felt that women have been exploited for ages and they need a fair shot. I feel gals here in the US are exploited more than in India, hehe.

2) I like to carry big bills in my pocket, when I have a $100 note in my pocket. I’m the most selfish miser you would ever meet. Gives me a sense of carrying emergency money. The moment I make it petty change, I splurge it off, all you need to do is ask and I would give you some.

3) I always speak the way people expect me too. If they expect me to speak exquisite English, I raise my game. If someone expects me to be bad, words come out flaky. My English teacher tried her best to teach me grammar, My argument was as long as they get what I’m trying to convey, It Don’t Matter. Once a person asked me Do you speak English ?. I was like ” meesa english yes speaka yes yess ”

4) I suck at multi-tasking. Maybe its a kind of obsessive disorder, I can go only one thing at a time, that too with a short attention span, I cycle doing things one after another. I think a simple life, is a pleasurable existence, yet I find myself mangled in unneeded wrecks.

5)I’ve had more girls tell me I’ll make someone girl happy some day, than tell me they like me. So much so , I feel something must be terribly wrong with me.

6) I’m a very hyperactive person and I expend most of my energy doing senseless things. One peculiar habit since I was little, is to poke people. I’ve always poked people with my finger to grain they’re attention which has landed me in pretty bad situations, many people have yelled at me , others keep warning and scolding me, while others get annoyed.

The Black Sheeple June 8, 2008

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I’m going through one of those phases again, where I just like to stay to myself. Which it seems off late to happen more often than not. I think I’m a narcissist, just too stubborn to admit it.

There is this new guy at work who keeps telling me ” You think your better than everyone else !, Dont You !!! “, Just as a joke. I think back and I feel like maybe, maybee he is right.

I’m just not cut out for this world , I guess. I excel at being talkative and talking my mind to strangers. But, somehow fall short of making friends. Just little things I say end up being controversial. I want to live just like everyone else, but I always end up a maverick. Nor here , nor there, Ahhhhhhhh !

I really don’t understand girls, if she is overly sweet and funny with you , does that mean shes interested in you ? If she sounds distantly aloof , whats that supposed to mean. I feel myself pondering celibacy these days.

Maybe, its time for me to get in line with everyone else.

Immunity Capsule May 13, 2008

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Pani Puri (Water Bread) is a staple snack for almost every college going kid. Road side stalls selling 3 rupee juicy pani puris and spicey chaat is a deam come true. A lot of people warn you about stingy carts, which could get you sick. I look at them as immunity capsules, making you a little stronger and resistant little at a time. Drinking water off a railway station cooler having a 2 rupee ice candy, all helps little bit at a time, unhealthy as they might be.

pani 2

Many parents dont let they’re little ones touched by strangers or even ones they know well when they are really young, while in India one look at a little kid and even the guy on the street wants a scratch those rosy cheeks. People always tell me that a child could get an infection, I think it strengthens the child’s immune system, so many of those allergies are unneeded, only if the child had evolved resistance to them.

11 Things I would like in a girl April 18, 2008

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This is a work in progress, It will be a little while before I blot the 10+1 things down.

I’ve always been diffrent from other kids, while growing up I’ve always been on my own,as a loner. I make friends pretty easily.I’ve grown up to realize, a lot people don’t like my ways (even when they have no business in my life). I have a really childish voice, and used to get bugged when people would mock me and make fun of me. I’ve drained the voices out, there is only how as much as you can take.

As you guys know I’ve had a very protective childhood and no emotionally undesirable bad experiences, A part of me wants to keep it that way.

A part of me likes to help others and as like ara, I’ve realized people run over you. I am a very possessive there are a lot of things I would never share ( I guard my ink pen , no mater what) and am pissed when someone flicks uses something which is mine. I’m a kinda selfish individual, A lot of things I like to do just for me

“You must love yourself before you love another. By accepting yourself and fully being what you are, your simple presence can make others happy.”

I find it a lot easier to make friendship when someone walks up to me, I get the feeling that person is interested in me. I try to avoid situations, where the Q of honesty comes into effect, because if the Q comes up, it means I have to take sides. I’ really don’t mind a little hank-panky, when it comes to bending the rules to help others ( or myself ,its survival of the fittest )

I’m a shy person almost cowardly. I’ve gone from rockstar to the circus clown in large crowds. I find some magical power to stand up for what I believe in , and pack a powerful punch to get the word across.

As a 22 year old I think I’m still a baby and I have my whole life to look forward for that ONE. I don’t see my self as a romantic. When I walk on the street I see thousands of girls I think are pretty, but when I hold their hand, they seem so ordinary. I mean they are really nice people. I just don’t feel a SPARK. I feel like i’m being selective, when no girl would look at me, hehe. Then again I’m looking for that someone special.

Am I reaching for the stars, What do you ladies think ?

reaching for the stars